Care About Quality

CARE HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC CENTER assures you reliable, timely and affordable diagnostic services in a hygienic and comfortable environment by  

  • adopting customer centric  approach to best serve your needs
  • implementing good lab practices to ensure report accuracy
  • establishing measurable service quality objectives for your satisfaction
  • constantly upgrading its personnel knowledge and skills to stay current  with the latest developments in the diagnostic field
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Our Team

Guidance and Mentorship

R. V. Gopalan


Dr. Pavithra Venkatagopalan

PhD, Microbiology- Coronavirologist

Arizona State University


Tel: +919884802018

Dr. Kaushik Gurunathan

PhD, Biochemistry- Single Molecule Expert

Arizona State University


Tel: +918939520138​


Shafivulla V MBA

Chief Executive Officer​

I am a problem solver. I tackle challenges that most people shy away from. Any day is a good day, as long as the job is well done

Chandra Ravishanker MBA

Center Manager​

Customer satisfaction is my passion- be it our patients or our doctors.

I love to ride my scooter in the rain and love the experience of visiting ancient temples

Ranganathan Raghavan

Business Development

I am a confident person. I love meeting our doctors and ensuring all their needs are met to their standard of requirement.

I love to cook and watch movies.

Suganya Solomon

Accounts Executive

I read a lot, but social media is my entertainment!

Customer care executives

Krithika V

Senior Front office Executive

My smiling face is the first to greet you when you come to Care Health

I love to cook traditional foods and tailoring

Balajee L

I am usually around when you come to collect your reports.

I love to play basketball and enjoy maintaining my garden

Technical Team

Suryakala M

Lab Assistant

I ensure the lab is in good running condition. Whether its preparing media or cleaning glassware or being the “special Akka” for the young members of the lab, I am always there.

I love tailoring. I also make the best tea.​

Jemima M

Sr. Lab Technician/ Asst Quality Manager

I am reliable and I work hard to ensure all the reports go out without any errors.

I love reading and enjoy sketching

Ponniyammal M

Lab Technician

I am a good team player.

However, what I enjoy most are cooking and getting a nice snooze (when I am at home)​

Annamalai E

I am very quiet but I know a lot. Whether it is a few day old infant or a scared toddler, I can draw blood for them without a problem. My peaceful smile calms them down.

I love reading​

Manjula S

I am bold, smart and driven. I work hard and unwind by tailoring, reading books and enjoy a good movie.

Alex Raja

I work long hours, but when I get the time, I play cricket and kabaddi!

Manikandan V


I love reading books, but my passion is really in helping others. That’s why chose this as my career​

Tharipriya S

Lab Technician

I love microbiology, but I can work anywhere. I really miss my college days!

Kanchana G

I love my plants! I have a green thumb and enjoy watching them grow. I keep my place clean and I am working on my first book! Look for it soon!

Pavithra V

Dancing to good music gives me joy!

Pooja S

I love to unwind by listening to good music and sketching art!

Rakeshwaran A

I love to help people. I cannot see anyone hungry and will always ensure they have food. I enjoy counseling and helping people feel better

Radiology and Logistic Team

Sindhuja A

Shopping and listening to music are my passion


Sr. Logistics Officer

I ensure all the samples from various parts of the city reach our lab on time for timely reporting. I am calm and reliable.

I love working on sign boards.

R. Sanjeevi Kumar

Sr. Logistics Officer

Rain or shine, I am always on time. I am a great team member and go wherever my help is needed.

I love to play car racing games on my phone whenever my two little girls allow.​


Logistics Officer

Long rides on my bike and playing cricket make me so happy!

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