Care About Quality

CARE HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC CENTER assures you reliable, timely and affordable diagnostic services in a hygienic and comfortable environment by  

  • adopting customer centric  approach to best serve your needs
  • implementing good lab practices to ensure report accuracy
  • establishing measurable service quality objectives for your satisfaction
  • constantly upgrading its personnel knowledge and skills to stay current  with the latest developments in the diagnostic field

Our Team

Guidance and Mentorship

Male wearing light blue shirt

R. V. Gopalan


pavithra coronavirus microbiology

Dr. Pavithra Venkatagopalan

PhD, Microbiology- Coronavirologist

Arizona State University


Tel: +919884802018

Silver fox

Dr. Kaushik Gurunathan

PhD, Biochemistry- Single Molecule Expert

Arizona State University


Tel: +918939520138​


male staff wearing white shirt

Shafivulla V MBA

Chief Executive Officer​

I am a problem solver. I tackle challenges that most people shy away from. Any day is a good day, as long as the job is well done

Female staff wearing pink saree

Radha Kumaran

Center Manager

I can handle any challenge work throws at me, with a smiling face and an iron fist

I am everyone’s friend. My team is my family.

At home, I have kids who keep me very busy

Male staff wearing glasses

Ranganathan Raghavan


I am a confident person. I keep the books in top shape.

I love to cook and watch movies.

Customer Care Team


Vennila J

Senior Customer Relations Executive

I am friendly and help my patients feel comfortable.

I love to travel

Kirubakaran D

Senior Customer Relations Executive 

I am a silent observer, passionate about my work.

I love to play cricket

Tamizhsekaran N

Business Development Executive


Technical Team

Sabitha R

Senior Lab Technician

I am a good team player. I love getting the job done to perfection.

I am an excellent cook.

Manjula S

Senior Lab Technician

I am bold, smart and driven. I work hard and unwind by tailoring, reading books and enjoy a good movie.

Female lab technician wearing two bangles

Kanchana G

Senior Phlebotomist

I am very reliable. If you give me a job, I will get it done- no matter how long the day is.

I love my plants! I have a green thumb and enjoy watching them grow. I keep my place clean and I am working on my first book! Look for it soon!

Naveen Kumar S


I am proud to be the favourite technician for all my  regular clients.

I love bike rides.


Krishnamoorthy S


I am talkative. I will be on time for all my home sample collections.

I love long bike rides



Priya K

Lab Technician

I complete my work to perfection.

I enjoy social media


Araniya S

Lab Technician

I love my work.

I am proud to be in this profession


Lisa Mery S

Lab Technician

I am always punctual.

I get satisfaction from providing good service.

Preethi S

Lab Technician

I keep my place joyful.

I like to spread love around me.


Girija R

Lab Technician

Microbiology is my favorite.

I love to sing.

Rajalakshmi C

Lab Technician

I enjoy my work.

I love listening to music.


Sandhiya M

Lab Technician

I love pets.

My favourite is my Jack Dog.


Radiology and Logistics Team

Saraswathi S

Radiology Technician

I am calm and quiet. 

I want to become an all-rounder in the lab

Malae staff member wearing blue shirt and ID badge


Sr. Logistics Officer

I ensure all the samples from various parts of the city reach our lab on time for timely reporting. I am calm and reliable.

I love working on sign boards.

Male Staff member wearing white shirt

R. Sanjeevi Kumar

Sr. Logistics Officer

Rain or shine, I am always on time. I am a great team member and go wherever my help is needed.

I love to play car racing games on my phone whenever my two little girls allow.​